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Fr. Timothy Brandt, Pastor

Welcome Home!

These two words hold such a warm place in our hearts – maybe we hear them said at holiday gatherings, or when a college student returns from a long time away studying, or when a couple welcome each other after a long day at work … or in a beautiful way, when we welcome a new member of our family.

Home is a special place – while homes are made up of walls, a ceiling, and different rooms, it’s the love that fills it that makes that house a home.

Holy Family Parish, I think you’ll find, is a beautiful place to pray … but even more beautiful when there are people there to pray in it!  We are a church built of living stones, generation upon generation that make up the different stories of our parish and, to a bigger extent, the history of our Catholic faith.

And so we invite you … stop in, pray a while, say Hi to our staff, and feel the warm love of our Father’s mercy as we together welcome you home!