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Special Holy Family Announcement:

With Winterstorm Evelyn causing problems for travel with ice, snow, and wind, it has forced a change to our First Communion plans for the weekend of April 14 & 15th.

Practice for Saturday morning, along with photos (individual, group) is cancelled.

Masses will still be held at 4 PM, 8 & 10 AM – so if you still would like to have your child’s First Holy Communion, we will still have the celebration.  We will still have First Communions on April 14th & 15th, for those that have family celebrations planned.  However, if you would rather wait until next weekend (April 21st & 22nd), we will also plan to celebrate First Communions next weekend as well.

Whichever Mass you plan to attend, please plan to arrive 1 hour early, so we can go through preparations with you and your child.  A parish representative will contact you to determine which Mass you now plan to attend.