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Alpha is just what it’s name implies … a beginning, a first step.  Are you interested in joining us for an Alpha fellowship/follow-up gathering?  We are looking to form our first reunions in the near future … please consider joining us, and check back here often to find the Alpha reunion schedule!

Already made an Alpha?  Looking for past or additional resources?  You’ve come to the right place!

To view any of the past Alpha video sessions from the standard base Alpha Film series, you can view them via the alphausa.org website … unfortunately, they now cover the entire video series with a watermark to encourage people to watch it in the small group Alpha session, but they are still viewable here.

For Alpha videos that are particular to Alpha in a Catholic context (especially in regards to the final Alpha video session entitled “What about the Church?”), click on the videos below.


Session 4: Can I have Faith? Presented by Bishop Michael Byrnes


Session 11: What About the Church? Presented by Fr. James Mallon (author of Divine Renovation)


Session 11: What about the Church?  Presented by Bishop Michael Byrnes


Are we really filled with the Spirit?  Audio presentation by Fr. Dan Felton

Fr Dan Felton, Vicar General of the Diocese of Green Bay, presented a very powerful and inspiring talk to the Diocesan priests and curia at a recent gathering.  This talk would encompass material from the first two talks on the Alpha retreat weekend.  You can listen to his talk (without video) below.