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In today’s Gospel, Jesus calls the first disciples to come together to begin the work of the Kingdom of God, a kingdom that He declares is now at hand with the arrest of John the Baptist.  Looking at the prophet Jonah, a reluctant prophet, and the message of repentance proclaimed by Jonah and Christ, we find the call to remove the things that separate us from one another and to seek means to coming together.  Personally, we have an opportunity to look within ourselves for ways in which God is calling us to remove sources of division among the faithful Christian communities during this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

For more information on the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, see the United States Council of Catholic Bishop’s (USCCB) website on Christian Unity.  To learn more about the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation (referenced in the homily) you are invited to read this interesting article on the Our Sunday Visitor website.

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